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Update on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Bimonthly Immigration Newsletter: October 2014

portrait Update on Central American Border Crossers

While the news media has now focused their attention on other news, the plight and circumstances of children and families fleeing violence in Central America continues unabated. [read more]

United States President Barack Obama discusses immigration with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on 25 January 2013.Administration Promises Fixes to Immigration System in Lieu of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Obama Administration has conceded that comprehensive immigration reform will not be enacted in the foreseeable future and thus has promised to use executive authority through regulatory reform and other mechanisms. [read more]

organization chartL-1A Managerial/Executive Appeals are Rarely Successful; Review of Appeals for New Office Petitions Reveals Common Fatal Flaws

A recent review of more than 100 L-1A intracompany transferee petitions in 2013 denied by the USCIS and subsequently appealed administratively reveals that only a handful of cases were ultimately approved. [read more]



handcuffsProbation versus Suspended Sentence:
What’s the Difference Under U.S. Immigration Law?

Under U.S. immigration law, there is a world of difference between being sentenced to probation and being sentenced to jail but with the jail term suspended. The latter can have dire immigration consequences... [read more]

hand opening a checkbookNIV and IV Application Fees Change, Effective September 12

Nonimmigrant and immigrant visa application fees paid to the U.S. Department of State (DOS) for certain visa categories changed on September 12, 2014. DOS advises that all visa applicants must pay the fee amounts in effect on the day they pay... [read more]

Chinese businessman sad with graphCurrent Trends and Future Visa Number Predictions

The new fiscal year began on October 1, and with it came the annual infusion of visa numbers allocated to the various preference categories... Recently, Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of the State Department’s Visa Control and Reporting Division, provided his analysis... beyond the basic visa availability updates provided in the monthly Visa Bulletin... [read more]

Flag of IsraelE-2 Visa Eligibility for Israelis One Step Closer

In mid-August the Israeli Knesset Interior Committee approved a bilateral treaty between Israel and the United States, allowing U.S. citizens to receive investor visas in Israel. This paves the way for the implementation of the E-2 visa process for Israeli nationals seeking to invest in U.S. businesses. [read more]

News in Brief

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